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The concept of Warspike is all about technique, strategy, tactics and politics, so it seems like a natural progression to market Warspike in a way that utilises these finely honed thought processes.



Looking at the gaming market I feel that traditional distribution models fail to maximise the 'trickle economics' of new concept wargames/ RPGs as they gain a footing in fandom. These (new) games are pure niche markets that develop thorough grassroots support over long time frames by word of mouth. I wanted to use a system that worked directly to the fans, and this lead to the setting up of Artists Unchained website and the development of the AUS (Artists Unchained System). The AUS embraces new technology such as P2P and POD. For more information see the Downloads section.


Three Licences

This does not means a compete abandonment of tradition business standards, as trademarks and copyright still have to be protected (from other businesses!). If you think it doesn't matter because open source is one big love fest take a look at the tactics employed by predatory companies against many open source community's to obtain control of their wares. The AUSs takes into account the devious nature of people and seeks to counter it on all levels.


As a result the Warspike system will be offered under three categories;


Hard Copy via POD

The printed versions of WarSpike will be made available via Lulu, a POD (Print on Demand) service. There will be several versions from cheap black and white softcover (spiral bound) right up to full colour illuminated manuscript hardcover. All of these can be purchased from the WarSpike storefront hosted on Lulu. They handle everything from the printing to the delivery.


Licence: No licence. The contents in hard copy form is released with all copyrights reserved. You will not have permission to scan and redistribute a printed versions of WarSpike.


PDF via P2P

A PDF (Portable Document Format) version of WarSpike will be made available to download via P2P (peer to peer). It is exactly the same as the printed version but with the graphics at screen resolution. To ensure you receive the correct file and not some spam, renamed p0rn or virus infested fuckware, please use the Magnet Links provided in the Download Section to initiate the P2P download.


Licence: The PDF will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) licence. You can copy and redistribute the file in it's original unaltered form via P2P and print it up for you own personal use. Please support WarSpike by leaving the original copy in your P2P share folder.


Dev Kit via P2P

This is the development kit for WarSpike released in PDF format under the OGL (Open Game License). This PDF is devoid of any art and only includes base templates of diagrams needed to explain the rules. This striped down version is intended for others to create game worlds based on the WarSpike system, it is not intended for people to release the core rules under a new name. All products based on WarSpike should contain a link back to WarSpike where a person may obtain a copy of the original core rules.


Augments for WarSpike are to be created under the OGL and may include official WarSpike logos etc. These Augments can be sold via a company as PDF or hard copy (POD), though the core rules should not be duplicated in full as a separate book. The core rules tailored for the game world must be in the same book containing the background. If the background book is offered by itself then include a link to the WarSpike home page so a Player can obtain a copy of the WarSpike core rules (which can always be obtained for free via P2P).


Licence: The Dev Kit is released under the OGL.



If you have any ideas on this please email me at email imageor leave feedback on the WarSpike blog.

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