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The Warspike PDF is distributed via P2P, with downloads initiated by magnet links (fancy links that fire up your P2P software to download the file). I would appreciate if you left a copy of the files you download in your share folder as the more who share the faster the downloads! All files are distributed under a Creative Commons licence that allows non-commercial coping and sharing.


The Power of Magnet Links

Each tier of Warspike is available individually as a zipped up PDFs, or as a collection. In order to download these official Warspike PDFs you will need a P2P client that can handle magnet links. Once you have a P2P client installed on your system; simply click the magnet link below and this will initiate the download via P2P.


Once you have downloaded the zip, leave it in your share folder so other fans can grab a copy. Unzip the PDF to a folder of your choosing (please do not leave the unzipped file in you share folder).


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WARSPIKE: Technique - Core

WARSPIKE: Technique - Augments


WARSPIKE: Tactical - Core

WARSPIKE: Tactical - Augments


WARSPIKE: Strategy - Core

WARSPIKE: Strategy - Augments


WARSPIKE: Politico - Core

WARSPIKE: Politico- Augmented


WARSPIKE: The Collection


// NOTICE: All the above magnet links initiate a P2P download of the 'Shareaza' software and are put in for testing purposes only. You are welcome to use the links to download Shareaza if you wish - it works and handles magnet links properly. If you wish to try: click the link and see if your current P2P will launch and download the file. Please let me know which ones work over on the Blog: Magnet Links.//



If you enjoyed the PDFs and would like to become a patron of Warspike, you can do so in several ways: host the files on P2P (share the original zip files), make a donation via PayPal (you can use a credit card too if you do not have a PayPal account) or pop by the Warspike store on Lulu (a Print of demand service).


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