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This augment deals with man portable explosives as used by infantry.


Blast Markers

Explosives affect an area and damage all within the area. To work out which Troopers on the table are affected by the blast of the explosion we use 'Blast Markers'. These are circles of card painted red. the diameter of the circle is equal to the effective area of the blast scaled to match the table top. An M67 grenade has a fatality radius of 5 meters and a casually radius of 15m. For working out Blast Marker use the larger 'casualty radius'. This means that at 1:72 scale the Blast Marker will have a diameter of 8" on the table top.


This is quite a large area compared to many wargames, and grenade can be thrown up to 40m, or 20" at 1:72 scale. The throw range is determined by the Stature of the thrower. Grenades can the throw at x6 Stature for a standard grenade, of 36m for a man of Stature:6.


Grenade thrown into rooms that are smaller than the Blast Marker gain a bonus to SP (Stopping Power).



If the Trooper makes a successful throw by roll under their Action attribute: then the centre of the Blast Marker is placed over the target point of the throwing Player's choosing. This is usually centred on a specific model or placed in such a way to cover the most Troopers. The Diagram opposite shows the placement of the Blast Marker with the centre located on top of one of the opponents Troopers. All the Troopers are hit by this Blast Marker. All those completely enclosed within the outer edge are 'dropped' and removed from the table - but the one on the outer edge, half inside and half outside, is consider to the 'stunned' and remains in play. The stunned Trooper looses the rest of their turn, unable to act, but will make a full recovery next turn. Stunned opponents are easy to pick off as they can not defend themselves.


Misses (and Murphy's Law)

If the Trooper fails to make a successful throw by rolling over their Action attribute then the centre of the Blast Marker is placed where their Opponent wishes. The only restriction is that the outer edge must touch the target point that the Player chose. In the diagram opposite you can see the Opponent has moved the Blast marker off to the side so that three troopers are no longer covered by the Blast marker at all! The only one affected is the Trooper at the target point, who is half in and half out of the Blast Marker, and therefore is 'stunned' (this is why placing the target point on a specific model is a good idea as at the very least you get a 'stun' no matter where the opponent moves it.)


The idea of the misses going off into an area that is least beneficial to the Player is cover by 'Murphy's Law'.


Note: For friendly (non-competition games), the Player who's Troopers are chucking the grenades can point (with their finger, or pencil) to the target point, and touch the table (so their finger is vertical) and the opponent can place the Blast Marker by making contact with the edge of the marker to the finger.



There are several types of grenade. Each has it's own tactical advantages and disadvantages and careful consideration should be given to the grenades taken in relation to the mission at hand.


Flash Bang: This do not kill and will only stun all those covered by the template. Very effective in enclosed spaces where everyone is stunned no matter there facing (light bounces of walls and a stronger contrast between light inside and the sudden flash. Outride the flash only works if the trooper is facing the centre of the blast.


Frag: These use explosive and shrapnel to kill. However those completely covered by the Blast Marker are only affected by the 'drop' if they have a direct LOS (Line of Sight) to the epicentre of the blast. Otherwise they are stunned. This means that another Trooper who is close to the epicentre may absorb the blast and stop others who are further out from being killed (and in extreme cases a Trooper can dive on top of a grenade (prone) and stop all those within the Blast Marker from being 'dropped' instead they are 'stunned'.)


(White) Phosphorous: These burn and fill the area. No LOS is need to the epicentre for it to have an effect.


Averaging hits

To used the Rule of Averages with grenades, work out the percentage of hits. These can be place as the play sees fit. The misses are handed to the opponent, and the opponent must place them so the edge contacts the target point. In this case, to stop shenanigans, it is customary to pick an enemy trooper as the target point.


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