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The Tactical Core rules covers specific 'battles within a war'. It is a traditional table top wargames using miniatures, but with some pioneering rules to create dynamic fast moving games. The Tactical rules can be used in conjunction with the Strategy rules, where the generals playing the strategy game can hand off battles to their captains using these tactical rules.


Turn Sequence

The core rules covers battles between two opposing armies, each army is controlled by a single Player. The game is a battle between two players each controlling an army represented by miniatures (or markers) on a field of battle represented by a game table. This game system does not use the usual rigid turn system, but something a little more fluid to represent the action.

Core: Turn Sequence


Core Actions

This covers the fighting of battles using the Tactical Core rule set. It deals with the fundamental tactical elements to the exclusion of all else and is therefore the 'core' of the system, built upon the foundations and turn organisation.

Core: Actions



This section runs through practical examples of how to apply the rules, and how to match actions that conflict with each other and how they interact. Warspike is a highly dynamic system and understanding how actions play out in competition lays the core understanding of tactics.

Core: Resolutions



Once the rules have been absorbed and their application understood, they can be used to model the tactics of various era. In this section we explore some of the most famous core tactics of pre-firearm armies starting with the shield wall as use by the ancient Macedonians and Greeks.

Core: Tactics


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