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Troop Organisation

Troops are organised according to era. The basic unit for organised warfare is a formation of closed grouped troops standing shoulder to shoulder. In early Greek warfare the basic formation was the phalanx formation, in modern militaries it is the squad which uses a dispersed formation. In the core rules we shall concentrate of solid block formations.


Units (troop organisation)

Troops are organised into units arranged in a 'formation'. The size of the unit varies depending on the army and era. For the British army the smallest of units are known as a 'fireteam' (4 Troops) up to companies (3 platoons). You can use larger units such as a Battalion (2-6 Companies and around 500-1500 Troops) but these massive units are better dealt with using the Strategy tier, especially with later armies (modern armies with automatic weapon can cover a lot of ground!)..


Unit leader

A military unit is lead by a leader (Champion, Sergeant etc.). It is the unit leader's job to control the unit interpret the order from higher up the chain of command and give orders to the Troops to achieve the objectives in the field. Leaders also have a sergeant who maintains the formation of the unit, and shouts out the Leader's commands. The Sergeant is a 'buffer' between the Officers and the Troops and all units in recent armies have them (if this is not the case the Augment for the era will stat it as such).


It is the leader's initiative and leadership that the unit will defer to. This means the unit acts and reacts as the leader does (in effect, and in the ethos of the system, the rest of the unit ‘reactor' to their leaders actions, example: so when a unit charges, the leader decides to charge and their unit and follows him (or her) into combat).



'Block' is a game term to describe when a Player temporarily groups several units together in order to move them as one. When this is done the units taken as being individual units, but the whole Block is treated as one.


This group to move is an important part of how the WarSpikes 's turns are managed and organised.


Tactical Formations

Wedge, column etc. related to 'step' and speed. These formations give a unit an advantage in certain situations and will affect how the enemy counters.


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