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Discussion of these stats is over on Anargo, thread: Stat organisation Brainstorming posted 20 June 2008


Reason [MARS]

This is the power of logical thought and the ability to negotiate through mental models and hypothetical scenarios. It is used to work things out, to understand and construct a working theory. It is the strength of the mind, and the power of the though processes that feed the hunger of the mentality.


Reasoning also needs models or methods of thought to be most effective.


Tenets, Theory, Technique [ARTS] (> Experiment > Knowledge (proof))

These are the collected database of mental models used in logic and working things out. Having a working theory, a concept, allows you to process information far more quickly than facing something completely new that you do not have a clue about.


Rough notes on possible use: Theory use can be used to train another (or self), where theory allows the maximum ability to be trained. If a sergeant uses 'drill theory' to train the troops unit cohesion, the maximum auto-reflex will be limited by theory. To enforce such training requires will, and this is where attitude comes in, the sergeant's attitude can be used to cow the privates and therefore 'force' their will onto the troops to bestow order via constant drills. Once the drilling is done, the troops will be organised, and the constant shouting and ordering means the sergeant is in charge - effectively the alpha of the group.


Notes: theory is 'working theory', and is backed up by knowledge. Therefore if a general learns Art of War by Sun Tsu it is marked as "Theory: Art of War [Sun Tsu] 1" not "Knowledge: Art of War [Sun Tsu] 1". The Theory stat denotes a certain level of understanding, it is more than dry facts, as it includes application of the theory as evaluated in the real world. The number is the amount of 'understanding' so "Theory: Art of War [Sun Tsu] 1" is not the same as "Theory: Art of War [Sun Tsu] 3". The higher number does not indicate better memory, it indicates better application and understanding and working with reason to work out solutions to new problems applying the principle of Sun Tsu.


Knowledge and experimentation turn up in the technique tier and are effectively ignored in the tactical tier (a theory stat assumes the corresponding backup of knowledge and previous experimentation)


//metal 'reflex' , similar process to physical ritual > routine > reflex//


Using reason and theory can increase mental capacity, just like agility use (movement) can increase physical ability.


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