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Discussion of these stats is over on Anargo, thread: Stat organisation Brainstorming posted 20 June 2008


Acumen [MARS]

Acumen is the sharpness of the person's senses and the speed of their mind to process raw stimuli into recognisable concepts. Once the mind recognises a threat, or situation, is can react on instinct with incredible speed. These instinctive reactions are known as a 'reflex'. In this regard the Acumen stat forms the front end to all physical and mental reactions, and is considered the first step or basis for all reflex actions. Further, through the use of the Reason stat it is possible for the reflex actions to be conditioned and altered via drill and practice.


Is the Trooper's natural perception, mental sharpness, reaction time, the speed of their nervous system. Acumen is a measure of reflex due to stimulus, and these reflexes can be trained. Acumen is constrained by the sharpness of a person's senses and they awareness.


For learnt skills use Acumen + Reflex, for new skills and figuring out stuff use Acumen on it's own, guided by reason (i.e. successful reason test allows an Acumen test to implement theory)


Reflex response - Ritual [ARTS] (>routine > reflex (three 'R'))

The conditioning of the given reflex response through repetition of a reaction to a given stimulus is used to enhance Acumen. In the case of psychical reactions it is backed up with Stature and Stature modifiers, in the case of mental it is back up be Reason and Reason modifiers, and in the case of social it is backed up be Mentality and Mentality modifiers.


Notes: Skill is the effective application of technique (part of reason), where technique is trained to become reflexive and only guided by judgment and wisdom in the technique to be deployed.


Though drill and constant repetitive tasks the human body is forced to adapt and grow to meet the challenges it endures. As the body adapts it optimises it's resources to match the tasks it is completing, and actually changes the structure of flesh and bone to match. This is called conditioning. At the same time the constant repetitive tasks become familiar to the mind and slowly but surely the tasks become 'automated' (to get an idea of this automation; think about driving a car and how you do not think about actually driving, you just drive and your concentration is on the road). This automation and reflex conditioning is the basis of combat technique.


Ritual leads to routine leads to reflex conditioning.


Example: Martial Arts Kata in Japanese Martial Arts is a 'ritual'. If the ritual is practiced often it becomes 'routine'. If the routine is practiced correctly, and with a partner, it conditions the correct response to a given moves. It becomes automatic, a 'reflex'. This is how a reflex is conditioned into a person through ritual and routine.


Obviously there is more to fighting than simply learning Kata, but the concept also holds true for sparing where sparing becomes the ritual, that becomes routine, that becomes reflex. The simple fact of the matter is that the only way to become good at fighting is to fight! Sparing helps, and learning a Martial Art is a very long and drawn out process taking many years, once the moves and base reflexes are put in the exponent is still not a proficient fighter, they then have to spar (relentlessly) in order to become proficient, and the type of sparing can have a huge impact on effectiveness in real combat.


It is entirely possible (and often to be expected) for a naturally aggressive 'fighter' to out perform many a modern day 'hobby' martial artist, yet if such a natural fighter takes the time to learn a martial art they become particularly powerful (after all the art was designed for these warrior types and that's why the can excel in such an art if they apply themselves - it also has a calming effect on their personality, not 'sports training' but real 'no-rules anything to win' combat training).


Backup to the mind: Therefore reflex is a automated backup to the mind. A fighter does not have to think about sparring and blocking it is automatic and they can think about bigger issues, such as ploys and tactics. That is not covered by reflex! That is covered by another stat


Agility: Is an emergent property of Acumen and Reflex conditioning backup up by a fast body type.


Stealth: At first it may not seem to be a 'reflex' but image walking in the wood on your won and you hear a twig snap - instantly you will have a reflex response, and the response will be proportional to the perceived threat. Humans in danger will 'freeze and locate', freezing stops movement and makes you harder to spot, location means you can then direct your focus and implement counter moves. When using counter moves, you modify your walking to be light, and this is another example of automated reflex conditioning (children learn it when playing games like run-outs). Therefore the base of stealth skills is reflex conditioning training.


Stealth is backed up by having a smaller Stature (less to hide).


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