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Source: National Library of Medicine

Troop Characteristics [M.A.R.S/ A.R.T.S]

Each Trooper in you army has a set of characteristics for their type. These characteristics describe the Trooper's abilities and will determine how they will perform on the battlefield. Some troops are much better at fighting than others, especially 'elites', and some specialise in a particular battlefield role.


The 4 primary stats are set by genetics, or are 'god-given', depending on your view point. The first letter of each of the primary stats form an acronym 'M.A.R.S'. This is after the Roman God of War, and where 'Martial Art' derives it's name (also known as the 'Arts of Mars').


M.A.R.S statss: Mentality [?], Acumen [?], Reason [?], Stature [6*]

//* Only Stature is currently defined//


The 4 stats are backed up by a 'modifier group' which is a collection of bonuses and penalties that are applied to the primary stat in certain situations. The modifier group are not set in stone like the primary stats and are adaptable, changing in response to environment, experience and lifestyle. The first letter of each of the modifier groups form an acronym A.R.T.S. These 'Arts' are also a reference to the 'Arts of Mars'.


A.R.T.S modifier group: Attitude [?], Reflex [?], Tenets [?], Somatotypes [?]


Design Notes: In concept: Mars is the core of the warrior, their base immutable essence (DNA) and structure, and the arts is how this essence expresses itself in the world and manipulates its own environment and its own body. I wanted the stats to be intuitive to understand, but also introduce and imply the thoughts behind the stats.


Discussion of these stats is over on Anargo, thread: Stat organisation Brainstorming posted 20 June 2008


Mentality [Prime Stat]

Mentality defines how a person reacts to events, and their preferred ways of dealing with the events they experience. In a loose sense it's the 'personality' of the person. The Mentality stats can be seen as an average of all human ability at a given level. However; no one is exactly the same and we all deal with things in different ways. Therefore the raw Mentality stat can be considered start point, a framework, that is modified by idiosyncrasies peculiar to the individual. Mentality should not be seen as the 'power level' (much like high Stature gives benefits in unarmed combat but sucks in stealth). High Mentality means the individual works well as part of a team, and low Mentality means the person is more concerned about their own interests and places them over the group.


Loyalty: Mentality is used to determine a Trooper's commitment to the group. A high Mentality stat means a Trooper is steadfast in their duty, and believes in the leadership of their army, and will not break. A low Mentality means the Troopers are more self-serving (mercenaries), and their loyalty as to be brought with coin.

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Attitude [modifier group]

All the Trooper's attitude modifiers are listed in this group. Experience in life brings changes in ones attitudes to the world around us. Attitudes can be both positive and negative and represent positive and negative attitudes to situations, groups and people. The are expressed as phobias, fears, hatred, respect, care and lusts. Attitudes only show up as a stat modifier if the feeling is exceptionally strong an based on real experience or cultural norms. If a strong attitude is present, then the modifier will affect any mentality roll in regard to the attitude category.


Whereas mentality is an expression of personality and inborn traits which do not change, attitudes are expected to change. In WarSpike take the psychological view of 'Attitude'.


Morale: This is a measure of a Trooper's current spirits. Morale is affected by many things; from the type of leadership they experience while on a campaign, their living conditions, and the perceived success of the war. Morale is also affected by pay, and mercenaries are notorious for being as loyal as the cash flow. Morale is applied to Loyalty as a modifier: negative for poor morale and positive for good morale.


Fear: Some raw recruits, conscripts and inexperienced warriors may suffer from fear. This is usually a set penalty applied to morale throughout conflict, but loosing fellow Troopers can increase this. If fear and morale penalties drop so low that effective Mentality is reduced to zero or less the Troopers give in to their fears. This can result in panic in combat, of running from a charge. Fear usually goes if the Troopers are winning in combat. After a battle the fear modifier may be reduced.


Hardened: The opposite of fear, a continuous bonus to morale. Those who fight many battles get used to them and do their job. They are steadfast in most cases, and things have to be going really badly for hardened Troops to flee combat (usual they wait for orders to fall back, but may flee if the leadership is killed/ standard lost)

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Acumen[Prime Stat]

Acumen is the sharpness and quickness of the person's senses and the speed of their mind to process raw stimuli into recognisable concepts. It assumes normal function of human senses to an average standard, couple with a functioning recognition system of the mind. Once the mind recognises a threat, or situation, is can react on instinct with incredible speed. These instinctive reactions are known as a 'reflex'. In this regard the Acumen stat forms the front end to all physical and mental reactions, and is considered the first step or basis for all reflex actions. Further, through the use of the Reason stat it is possible for the reflex actions to be conditioned and altered via drill and practice.

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Reflex [modifier group]

The Reflex modifier group includes all the trained (conditioned) physical abilities of the Trooper. The conditioning of the given reflex response through repetition of a reaction to a given stimulus is used to enhance Acumen via modifiers. In the case of psychical reactions it is backed up with Stature and Stature modifiers, in the case of mental it is back up be Reason and Reason modifiers, and in the case of social it is backed up be Mentality and Mentality modifiers.

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Reason [Prime Stat]

This is the power of logical thought and the ability to negotiate through mental models and hypothetical scenarios. It is used to work things out, to understand and construct a working theory. It is the strength of the mind, and the power of the thought processes that feed the hunger of the Mentality. it is modified by what has been learnt before, and codified into 'Tenets'.

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Tenets [modifier group]

These are the collected database of mental models used in logic and to aid working things out by looking at what has gone before. Having a working theory, a concept, allows you to process information far more quickly than facing something completely new that you do not have a clue about. The Tenets modifier group also covers preconceived ideas and beliefs, and acts not only a knowledge base but how that knowledge is interpreted and remembered.

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Stature [Prime Stat]

This stat the height of the Trooper in feet, so a Trooper with Stature:6 is six feet tall. The parameters of the stat assumes an averaged human body frame to go with that height (Body Mass Index). Therefore stature is more accurately a measure of the 'human frame' rather than merely 'height'. From this single stat we can determine the height, weight and frame of the Trooper. It is this 'frame' which serves as a base unto which all the variable physical characteristics denoted in the State modifier group are hung. Stature has a wide range of effects, and is used in a few of the game mechanics.


Strength: A person who is taller is stronger than a person of the same build who is shorter. The Stature stat is used as the base measure of strength. It is used in combat where strength is a factor, and to back up results from other stats such as Acumen with Reflex modifiers (i.e. Acumen with boxing reflex conditioning can land the punch and get the technique and timing correct, but Stature determines how much force is actually applied). It is also used as a base to resist damage. A Trooper with Stature:6 has a base strength of six.


Reach: A person who is taller has a greater arm reach than a person who is shorter. The Stature stat is also used to represent a Trooper's reach in unarmed combat such as boxing. This unarmed reach can also be combined with weapons, such as swords, which greatly increase the distance the Trooper engage in hand to hand combat. A Trooper with Stature:6 has a base reach of six.


Stride: A person who is taller has a greater stride than a person who is shorter. The Stature stat is used to represent the Trooper's stride. The stride of a Trooper affects how fast they can move. A Trooper with Stature:6 has a base stride of six.

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States [modifier group]

The States modifier group detail the current physical condition of the Trooper. Exercise regimes, combat training, and various lifestyles can have a remarkable effect on a persons physique, greatly augmenting their abilities. These changes are listed in the State modifier group; modifiers include Strength, Stamina and Speed which describe the amount of muscle on the frame, the speed of the muscle and how long it can endure. These modifiers are purely concerned with the physical power of the muscle and does not include an control or skill which is all handled by Acumen and Reflex conditioning. Stature and the accompanying State modifier group all serve as a backup to Acumen that enforces the result of various physical Acumen tests. Further other modifiers may affect certain aspects of Stature, such as 'long arms' would increase 'Reach'.


Strength: This is a measure of physical muscle power. The base strength score is the same as Stature but this can be modifier through training. The strength modifier whether positive or negative is added to the Stature stat for the purposes of figuring out the Trooper's ability to apply physical force.


Example: A Trooper with Stature:6 and Strength:+1 will have an effective strength of '7'. This Trooper will be slightly more muscular than an average person of the same Stature who lacks this Strength bonus.

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