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The rules in this Foundation section of Tactical are universal and apply to both core and augments alike. These rules are the fundamental concepts upon which the rest of the Tactical build upon.


Foundations: Stats

Each trooper in you army has a set of characteristics for their type. These characteristics describe the trooper's abilities and will determine how they will perform on the battlefield. Some troops are much better at fighting than others, especially 'elites', and some specialise in their battlefield role.

Foundation: Stats


Foundations: Weapons and Armour

Humans are exceptionally good act developing tools to enhance their killing ability and to defend themselves. These are the tools of war, and since their inception there has been a constant arms race between human populations to not only overcome another's defensive technologies, but to find way to nullify another's attacks.

Foundation: Weapons and Armour


Foundations: Organisation of troops

Troops are organised according to era. The basic unit for organised warfare is a formation of closed grouped troops standing shoulder to shoulder. In early Greek warfare the basic formation was the phalanx formation, in modern militaries it is the squad which uses a dispersed formation. In the core rules we shall concentrate of solid block formations.

Foundation: Organisation


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