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The Tactical Core rules covers specific 'battles within a war'. It is a traditional table top wargames using miniatures, but with some pioneering rules to create dynamic fast moving games. The Tactical rules can be used in conjunction with the Strategy rules, where the generals playing the strategy game can hand off battles to their captains using these tactical rules.


In this Tier of Warspike: Tactical, you will find rules covering massed battles using tactical formations made up of several units which predominately relying on close combat and primitive missile weapons. Once the Tactical Core has been mastered, the rule set can be expanded with modular augments covered in the Tactical Augmented rule set. The Tactical Augmented rule set builds upon this Tactical Core rule set and introduces proper firearms, modern suppression fire tactics, skirmishers, psychology, trauma, shock etc. Each of these augments can be installed individually, and you are free to pick and mix to get the system you need for the era of warfare you are looking for.


Set Up

Warspike is a table top wargame using toy soldiers and like all table top wargames it takes a little time and preparation to set up. Wargaming is not a quick hobby, so take your time and set aside a slow afternoon (rainy days are good!) when you can enjoy it without distractions. It's a chance to catch up with old friends and have a few beers and shoot the breeze.

Set Up


Foundations: Stats

Each trooper in you army has a set of characteristics for their type. These characteristics describe the trooper's abilities and will determine how they will perform on the battlefield. Some troops are much better at fighting than others, especially 'elites', and some specialise in their battlefield role.

Foundation: Stats


Foundations: Weapons and Armour

Humans are exceptionally good act developing tools to enhance their killing ability and to defend themselves. These are the tools of war, and since their inception there has been a constant arms race between human populations to not only overcome another's defensive technologies, but to find way to nullify another's attacks.

Foundation: Weapons and Armour


Foundations: Organisation of troops

Troops are organised according to era. The basic unit for organised warfare is a formation of closed grouped troops standing shoulder to shoulder. In early Greek warfare the basic formation was the phalanx formation, in modern militaries it is the squad which uses a dispersed formation. In the core rules we shall concentrate of solid block formations.

Foundation: Organisation


Turn Sequence

The core rules covers battles between two opposing armies, each army is controlled by a single Player. The game is a battle between two players each controlling an army represented by miniatures (or markers) on a field of battle represented by a game table. This game system does not use the usual rigid turn system, but something a little more fluid to represent the action.

Core: Turn Sequence


Core Actions

This covers the fighting of battles using the Tactical Core rule set. It deals with the fundamental tactical elements to the exclusion of all else and is therefore the 'core' of the system, built upon the foundations and turn organisation.

Core: Actions



This section runs through practical examples of how to apply the rules, and how to match actions that conflict with each other and how they interact. Warspike is a highly dynamic system and understanding how actions play out in competition lays the core understanding of tactics.

Core: Resolutions



Once the rules have been absorbed and their application understood, they can be used to model the tactics of various era. In this section we explore some of the most famous core tactics of pre-firearm armies starting with the shield wall as use by the ancient Macedonians and Greeks.

Core: Tactics



These are add-on modules that change the core rules or expand the core rules to account for a given era's warfare and provides rules for new weapons not covered in the core (such as automatic weapons).


Firepower (BETA)

Rules for using automatic weapons in WarSpike. This Augment covers the weapons stats, how they are used, the impact they have and the tactics that evolved on the battlefield from their use.


Augment: FirePower

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Gear Lists

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