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This early part of the project is now retired.



This is all the remains of the WarSpike Project, the 'skunk works' for Spheres of War. Moving forwards I'll be using spheresofwar.com for final product and using my blog for posting further development works. For those unfamiliar with Spheres of War concept: it's a collection of four war games, each representing a sphere of war, these being: Technical (duelling rules), Tactical (skirmish rules and battles), Strategic (organising the battles), and Political (a game of influence). Each sphere can be played by itself in it's own right, completely isolated from the other spheres, or combined in various combinations to expand the scope of the games. All are interoperable, and can be used with each other; for example the technical and political sphere combine to form an RPG rule set. The ultimate system brings all the Spheres together to form the complete Spheres of War system, and has rules for every gaming level. Least that is the plan.

I'll retain the name 'WarSpike' as I may use it for a sci-fi game version of the Tactical Sphere.


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