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This web site covers step 3 and 4 of the WarSpike development cycle. For more information on the previous two steps please see this site: WarSpike Development Blog. The web site is where I post the 'stable release' of the rules that have been developed so far. Once all the allocated spaces on this web site have been filled with stable release rules they will be combined into a PDF and offered for download via P2P. Once the PDF has been release, and edited after receiving feedback, it will be released as a POD (Print on Demand) hardcopy.


For those unfamiliar with WarSpike’s ‘Spheres of War’ concept: it is a collection of four war games, each representing a sphere of war. The four spheres are: Political, Strategic, Tactical, and Technical. Each sphere can be played by itself in it’s own right, completely isolated from the other spheres, or combined in various combinations to expand the scope of the games. The ultimate system is bringing all the Spheres together to form the complete WarSpike system aptly named: 'Spheres of War'.


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